The Role of LinkedIn in Social Media

Do you have a LinkedIn account? I must say, I was slow to creating one but I finally utilize it personally and professionally. I am so glad that I did because it’s proving to be effective.

To recap, LinkedIn is a business and employment service. In a nutshell, it’s a platform for professional networking. I am so excited by the connections I have made. It has also opened up a few opportunities for me. Yes, I have taken advantage of them and will continue to which is super exciting not only for me personally, but professionally as well.

What is the role of marketing in social media, specifically LinkedIn? Ultimately, marketing is a tool used to inform customers about products, services, etc. Marketing allows a social media platform to provide brand identity, create relationships, turn people into real consumers, and communicate and provide interaction that consumers look for! Social media definitely carries a lot of value which is essential with marketing (Lake, 2018).

As you enter the the popular social media platform, you may see marketing at it’s finest for example, when I go into my personal LinkedIn feed, there is an ad for Walt Disney World. It’s a “Kid Size” offer starting $1,053 at a select Disney All-Star Resort! I love this because I am a HUGE Disney fan. I’m also a Marketing Specialist for a certified Disney travel agency. How does LinkedIn know? Most likely like Facebook, they use our data from online activity. I used to think this was creepy, but it’s proving to be quite helpful.

I love how LinkedIn not only reflects in my professional life, it also reflects in my personal life as well. My family plans a trip to Walt Disney World or Disneyland once a year, so seeing these ads pop up reminds me of when to start planning and what deals are available. It’s amazing! This also tends to happen when I enter Facebook as well. I see quite a few Disney ads.

It’s been interesting learning from the big brands out there as I am personally applying the tactics to my own marketing adventures. It’s definitely a win-win for me and becoming a passion.

When you go into your LinkedIn feed, what kind of marketing do you see? Would love to read your thoughts.


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