Top 5 Tips for Alleviating Business Related Stress

If you came across this blog post, most likely you are feeling a little stressed or overwhelmed with your business. Whether you are a small business, entrepreneur, etc., stress seems to be inevitable as you have high hopes to be successful. Who doesn’t want to be successful?

As an entrepreneur myself, growing a business has been exciting but I have discovered that it is indeed stressful. My ultimate stressor? Not being successful and executing tasks efficiently for my clients. Understandable, right? I have even had conversations with my clients who also happen to be business owners and they say they are so stressed by specific elements of their business. For examples, blogging and social media marketing. This is where I come in! Before I elaborate on that a little bit more, I am going to list top 5 tips for alleviating business related stress. These tips are what I use myself and seem to really work.

Top 5 Stress Tips

#5. Make a List! At the end of every workday, make it a priority to make a checklist for yourself on what needs to be completed for the next day. This was a saving grace for me. My husband actually taught me this one when I was stressing at a company I was an assistant director for. It’s been my favorite tip ever since. What’s so great about making a list? First, you can see the tasks ahead of time and not feel as overwhelmed and secondly, you can cross each task off as you complete them. This is such a rewarding feeling and takes those stresses and anxieties away. Give it a shot! Trust me, it’s worth it!

#4. Listen to Music! This is obviously to a point. I find that putting head phones in or turning up music softly in the background is helpful with concentration and can boost your spirit. Classical is great or even easy listening tunes. This is good for tasks that don’t require communication with clients or quieter settings. When you find you’re working online, inventory, etc., and you think, “wow, it’s too quiet”, there’s your queue to turn on some music!

#3. Take 5 Minute Breaks Every Hour on the Hour-This has been another saving grace for me. Set the timer if you need to. This is a chance to get up and grab something to drink, maybe read a chapter in your favorite book, crank up your favorite music, have a dance break, or just to sit and reenergize. Whatever brings you joy and within reason, do it for 5 minutes on the hour, every hour. This is the nice thing about running your own business, you have the flexibility to do that! If you have one of those busier days where you can’t break away (I know we all have them) reward yourself extra, later!

#2. Join a Business Community Group-This can be online like in Facebook groups or networking support groups, etc. When we connect with others who know our stresses, it takes a load off and is helpful when listening to others. It’s nice to be able to relate. I found some great community groups on FB relevant to my business. Look into it, it’s worth it!

#1. Hire an Online Business Manager or Virtual Assistant-Remember when I said this is where I come in? It is! This is my top choice for alleviating business related stress. I have helped several clients including a Disney authorized travel agency fill in the areas that stressed them the most. In this case, website, blog, and social media management. If you don’t like blogging, I can help! If you don’t like managing or doing social media marketing, I’m your gal! And the list grows. If you find that you have the budget to get some extra help, just know I’m here. I would be happy to chat with you about any concerns you have or what you may be needing help with. Talking is free so feel free to connect with me at any time!

And that’s it! Not too shabby, right? Are these tips something you can handle? They definitely help me along with some prayers. Don’t let extra stress burden you. Alleviate with these tips. You’ve got this!

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