Your Passion is My Passion!

Welcome to my very first blog post here on Lindsey Jenn Online Business Services. It’s funny really, all these years I have blogged for others, but now I am blogging for myself. Sure, I run a local Michigan blog, but it’s filled with events, reviews, tips, and more. It is here I get to blog about my business and other relevant items that may come up.

How is your passion my passion? If you are an entrepreneur or run a small business, most likely you started it because it’s your passion. Sometimes when running a business, you may find things that may delay you from building your business even further because you are focused on other elements. For example, say you just don’t have time to run your social media channels. That’s what I’m here for! What about newsletter marketing, blogging, etc.? Again, I am here to help you focus on things that really matter.

I am growing my skills daily and what I don’t know, I research and teach myself. I’m currently finishing up my Bachelors degree in Business Marketing so that I can really put my skills and qualifications to use for you! Your passion is my passion!

Talk to you soon!

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